Alongside our broader mission of helping people experience a revolution of freedom in their lives, we have a personal passion to see the nation of Cambodia transformed!

We believe the future of this incredible nation rests in the hands of the young, which is why we run and finance an educational centre in Phnom Penh for 100 street children.

In partnership with Transform Cambodia, Freedom Centre One is staffed by young Khmer leaders and provides education, food, life-skills and medical care for 100 children who have been rescued from a life of poverty.

These incredible children come from families that live in the poorest areas of Phnom Penh; families that often survive on an income of less than $3 USD a day.

Through your partnership, we are able to:

  • Empower and educate 100 children and their families

  • Introduce them to Jesus Christ

  • Feed the hungry

  • Rescue victims of injustice

  • Connect them into great local churches

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In addition to Freedom Centre One, we have strategic partnerships with churches and ministries across Cambodia, and regularly invest in pastors, leaders, and church planters who are helping to impact countless lives.


Click the image below to watch an introduction to Freedom Centre One, Phnom Pehn