I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
— Psalm 34:4

‘Fearless’ is now available for purchase

We live in anxious times. Home invasions, terrorist attacks, the outbreak of deadly diseases and market jitters headline every bulletin. Fear inducing news saturates the airwaves, fills our inbox, and bombards our minds. What if I get sick? What if I lose my job? What if something happens to my family? What if they reject me? What if I fail? 

Fear defines the lives of many. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In Fearless: Freedom From Fear in an Anxious World, you will discover how to: 

  • Combat oppressive thoughts, resist fear, and enjoy perfect peace 

  • Experience freedom from the fear of people

  • Overcome anxiety, stop worrying, and have faith for your future 

As you discover and apply the powerful revelations contained in this book, fear will be dethroned, and you will never need to be afraid another day of your life!



As a pastor, social anthropologist and great teacher of the Word, Andrew Newbold’s revelation on living free from fear will not only give you great knowledge, but will equip and inspire you to live a ‘Fearless’ life. This book will be a great tool to help you grow in your faith and experience freedom in your life! 

Russell Evans 

Senior Pastor, Planetshakers Church 


In his new book Fearless: Freedom From Fear in an Anxious World, Andrew shines the light on an essential key to living the life of faith and freedom purchased for us with the life and blood of Jesus. 

Freedom to live, love, succeed, prosper, be well, and live out our dreams would be automatic if we had no enemy. In Fearless, Andrew exposes the truth about our spiritual enemy, and removes Satan’s mask to reveal his number one weapon against us: fear. 

In this book, you’ll discover how fear connects us to the enemy’s destructive plan, whereas faith connects us to God’s divine plan for our lives. Too many of God’s people have unwittingly allowed fear to have a home in their lives. Fearless shows us from the Word of God, how to reject the fear and live in true freedom. In these pages, Andrew gives us the truth in a frank, often humorous, and easy to understand way (just how I like hard truths to come!). The truth is, we have authority over fear! Read it, don’t put it down, take a stand, and BE FREE! It really is that easy.

Kellie Copeland 

Kenneth Copeland Ministries 


Fearless presents a compelling, counter-cultural premise—that fear is not meant to be managed or minimized. God’s intention for Christians is not just to fear less but to be fear-free. Andrew has done a brilliant job! This book is not just your average, enjoyable read. It is a hard-hitting, truth-telling, Bible-based book that every believer needs to read, study, and apply. 

Tan Seow How 

Senior Pastor, Heart of God Church, Singapore 


This is a book written to confront one of the most debilitating and de-commissioning attacks upon the hearts of those who honestly seek to serve the Lord. Andrew has done the journey and now seeks to share the freedom he has discovered with the multitude who are still in fear’s relentless grip. He is a living witness to the power of God’s grace to defeat this insidious, faith-defeating terrorist of the Saints. It is time to unmask this most deceiving of foes. It is time to rip the restraints off God’s beautiful people! Andrew has done so in a confronting way and yet with the compassion of one that truly feels the pain of those afflicted. This book will undoubtedly bring the subject out of the shadows and into the light of Father’s redemptive love. Thank you, Andrew, for saying this in a manner that leaves us with no alternative to accepting the truth. Freedom is now an embraceable reality, no longer a vague, wishful dream! 

David McCracken 

Prophet, David McCracken Ministries 

I thank God for Andrew Newbold’s latest book Fearless. This is a must-read book for all believers who want to walk in victory. God has clearly promised a great future for all His followers, but many fail to reach their God given destiny because of false fear planted by the enemy. This book will show you how to avoid the enemy’s traps, resist fear, and walk by faith, confident in God’s promises, protection and faithfulness. 

Djohan E. Handojo 

Senior Pastor, Bethany Church Singapore and GBI City Towers Jakarta, Indonesia